Thursday, January 26, 2012

Final Paint: Knees

With our mild winter, I had a chance to finish the paint job on the knee guards.  Basically the paint scheme is this:

1) Primer 2) Rusto Aluminum 3) A mix of Valspar Golden Maze and Rusto Pale Yellow 4) Rusto Line Painting Yellow with a mist of Rusto True Orange 4) A touch up layer of a mix of Testor's Flat Yellow and Testor's Rubber 5) Final "grime" layer of Testor's Rubber. (Yes, Rubber is a color, apparently!)

Between each of these layers I used Liquid Mask for the major "damage". For minor "damage" I used a screwdriver and some gravel.

More soon!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Gloves and Harness

I've gotten a shipment in from Bobamaker in Portugal.  My gloves are in:

Of course, they'll need to be aged and dirtied-up once the weather gets warmer.

Also, my jetpack harness is in!  This is worn under the armor, with ties to the jetpack that slide through the slits on the back armor.

More soon!