Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jetpack Thrusters and Back

My first attempt at the back of the jetpack was a disaster.  I got a little too enthusiastic with the damage, so I decided to sand it down and start over.  (Sorry, no pics of the first try. They were horrible.)

For the 2nd try, I started with primer, then a layer of liquid mask, then Rustoleum Aluminum, another layer of liquid mask, blue, then a mist of black, and finally microdamage with a screwdriver.  The finished 2nd try looks like this:

I placed the harness hooks so you'd get an idea of where they will be. These hooks are custom made.

The last pieces to paint were the thrusters.  I started with a layer of primer, then Rusto Aluminum, then a layer of liquid mask, then Rusto white, At this point, I taped off and sprayed the locations of the black stripes at the bottom. So it looked like this:

Then more liquid mask, dark gray, and a mist of black.  I added the proper highlights with red and black Testors enamel, then I went to town on it with my screwdriver, and finally added some extra grunge with Testors black, gray, white and rubber. (Yes, rubber is a color...)

And the final thrusters look like this:

Finally, I added the three sets of alien writing on the lower front portion of the pack with a mix of Testors black, rubber, and gray, using a VERY fine tipped brush:

All I have left to do now is some touch up work, and then add a matte clear coat to the whole thing with Testors Dullcoat.  So the next time I blog will be the completion photos of the jetpack! Woohoo!  TWO months of work.

In other news, my custom boots came in from Man of War Studios!  They're going to need to be dyed and distressed, but we'll deal with that soon enough!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rocket Finished

The rocket is done! 

First, I had to paint the "launcher" unit.  Silver, then liquid mask, then line-striping yellow, and finally highlights of anodized bronze for grunge.  You can see the little lumps of the liquid mask in this picture.

Then I taped off the black stripe, sprayed it, and then over-sprayed it with more yellow to make it look like the paint is worn down by time.  After peeling off the liquid mask to show silver underneath, I attacked it with a screwdriver for micro damage, and then dabbed brown enamel on it with a papertowel for dirt and grime.

Once again, I decided to hand paint the alien lettering on the right side of the launcher. I used a the same dark brown enamel mix that I use for adding dirt...

Next, I taped off and the red cap on the launcher. Liquid mask, then red, then misted with black.

Starting on the actual rocket, I taped, liquid masked, sprayed white, a mist of almond, and a mist of anodized bronze.  Then I let it dry, and peeled off the liquid mask.  The next day, I added MORE liquid mask and then sprayed heavier mists of anodized bronze and black for the scorching.  These two layers of liquid mask let me show some of the white along with the silver underneath. Once all this was dry, I added the little black stripe at the bottom, and then attacked it with a screwdriver for micro damage.

Finally, I taped the tip of the rocket, liquid masked, and misted with red.  Once it was dry, I peeled off the liquid mask, and attacked it with a screwdriver. A few hours later, I dipped a papertowel in brown enamel and rubbed in some dirt and grime...and the rocket was done!!!

Now it's really starting to look like Boba's pack!

All I have left to do is the back panel and the exhaust jets.  Then one more round of touch ups and a layer of clear coat.

In other news, I hear that my custom made boots have shipped.  And I should be getting the rest of my armor and the second helmet in the coming weeks.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Jetpack Top Panel Finished

It's been a crazy week. Injury and illness and work have kept me away from Fett progress.  But over the last few days I've finished the top panel of the jetpack.

To prep, I taped off the lower body and added some liquid mask...

Then sprayed the whole top panel (and rocket...might as well kill two birds with one stone...) with silver.

Then once that dried, I made an adorable sleeve for the rocket (affectionately known from here on out as "the rocket condom"). And I taped off the little bits on top that were to stay silver.

Then I sprayed the base coat of Rustoleum Satin Indigo. When that was dry, I misted with flat black and a dash of Anodized Bronze.

When it was dry, I stripped off the liquid mask, attacked it with a screwdriver and a pen cap, and dirtied up the greeblies on top, giving a black stripe to the middle of the the one on the left.

Done! Here are some closeups:

That's all for now. Next up...the rocket!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jetpack Tanks Finished

Work progresses on the jetpack. At this point I've gone through almost an entire roll of Frog brand masking tape.  The whole process is pretty maddening.  Tape for an hour, then spray for 30 seconds. Wait a day, tape for another hour, spray for 30 seconds.... over and over...

Anyway...For the side tanks, I started with the usual coat of silver, followed by liquid mask.  Then I hit it with Satin White.

Using my new favorite Rustoleum color for grime, Anodized Bronze, I misted the white...

Then I re-taped and sprayed the black bars on the upper tanks.  I bought some vinyl decals for the alien symbols in the middle of the black bars, but in the end, I decided to free-hand it with a very fine brush and Testors Black with a touch of gray.  Then I misted over the whole thing with a very small amount of white. Most people keep these bars very dark black, but I wanted them to look a little sun bleached.

Guess what I did then?  That's right! I re-taped, re-applied liquid mask, and sprayed the red areas of the tanks.  

Once they dried, I misted them with black, peeled off ALL the tape and liquid mask, and then attacked it all with a screwdriver and some gravel. Once I had all the damage done, I dipped a papertowel in a custom mix of Testors paint to simulate deeply embedded grime, and dry-rubbed it over and over so the dirty brown color would sink into the dents and dings...

...and finally we have finished tanks!

Next up I'm going to tackle the top and rocket.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holiday Weekend Jetpack Update!

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!  Spent the last couple of days working on the sides of the Jetpack.

Base coat of Rustoleum Indigo over Silver (and liquid mask):

Then I accented them with Rustoleum Flat Black, and a light misting of silver and anodized bronze.  As you can see, my spray can spit a big glob of silver on the left side.  No worries, easily fixed later!

After this dried, I peeled off the liquid mask and then went to town on it with a screwdriver, some rocks, and even a broken piece of plastic from a Sharpie cap! Took care of that glob of silver, too!

Next up will be the top and bottom of the sides.

Have a groovy 4th, everyone!