Friday, July 15, 2011

Jetpack Top Panel Finished

It's been a crazy week. Injury and illness and work have kept me away from Fett progress.  But over the last few days I've finished the top panel of the jetpack.

To prep, I taped off the lower body and added some liquid mask...

Then sprayed the whole top panel (and rocket...might as well kill two birds with one stone...) with silver.

Then once that dried, I made an adorable sleeve for the rocket (affectionately known from here on out as "the rocket condom"). And I taped off the little bits on top that were to stay silver.

Then I sprayed the base coat of Rustoleum Satin Indigo. When that was dry, I misted with flat black and a dash of Anodized Bronze.

When it was dry, I stripped off the liquid mask, attacked it with a screwdriver and a pen cap, and dirtied up the greeblies on top, giving a black stripe to the middle of the the one on the left.

Done! Here are some closeups:

That's all for now. Next up...the rocket!


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