Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chest & Neck Part 1

Here we go again.  I've started the chest plates and the neck plate.  First up, I gathered my reference photos, and printed everything out for my workshop.

The pieces were already primed (love that,) so I sprayed a layer of Rustoleum Aluminum over everything.

After they dried, I scuffed them up with 0000 steel wool so that the next layer of paint would stick better.  Metallic paint tends to be pretty slick, and I don't want the other layers to peel off.

The next layer is the yellow layer that shows through around the damaged areas.  So I used liquid mask to cover up the litle bits of silver that will need to show through later, and then I sprayed all the pieces with Rustoleum Line Painting Yellow.  Once that dried, I peeled off the liquid mask, and we're left with this:

Starting to come together!  The next and last layer will be the green.  Then I'll apply the decal in the upper left.  After that I can do the fun work of adding all the scratches and bumps.  Unfortunately, it's going to be rainy and humid here for the next couple of days, so I can't get to that just yet.

More soon!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Some Armor & Tools

Deliveries!  I received some of my armor from "Bobamaker" in Portugal! The chest plates, back plate and knees!

So I'll get to work on these pretty soon.

I also managed to score a set of the shin-pocket tools from a member of the Dented Helmet forum.  These have been pretty hard to find, and they're the last prop piece I needed to get my hands on.


Monday, September 19, 2011

RotJ Boba Helmet Final Photos!

The exterior paint job is...DONE!  Here are some nice big, completion photos for you!

And I've received word that my armor from Bobamaker has shipped from Portugal!

More soon!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Master Blaster

A package showed up on my doorstep from the UK yesterday. My replica EE-3 Blaster (Return of the Jedi version), built and painted by prop maker, "Sidewinder".  It took several months to get, but it came out beautiful! It's a lot bigger than you'd think.

I'm still waiting on the last few small pieces to come in to finish my helmet. Once they're in, I'll be able to take final project photos of the helmet! Hopefully soon.