Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rocket Finished

The rocket is done! 

First, I had to paint the "launcher" unit.  Silver, then liquid mask, then line-striping yellow, and finally highlights of anodized bronze for grunge.  You can see the little lumps of the liquid mask in this picture.

Then I taped off the black stripe, sprayed it, and then over-sprayed it with more yellow to make it look like the paint is worn down by time.  After peeling off the liquid mask to show silver underneath, I attacked it with a screwdriver for micro damage, and then dabbed brown enamel on it with a papertowel for dirt and grime.

Once again, I decided to hand paint the alien lettering on the right side of the launcher. I used a the same dark brown enamel mix that I use for adding dirt...

Next, I taped off and the red cap on the launcher. Liquid mask, then red, then misted with black.

Starting on the actual rocket, I taped, liquid masked, sprayed white, a mist of almond, and a mist of anodized bronze.  Then I let it dry, and peeled off the liquid mask.  The next day, I added MORE liquid mask and then sprayed heavier mists of anodized bronze and black for the scorching.  These two layers of liquid mask let me show some of the white along with the silver underneath. Once all this was dry, I added the little black stripe at the bottom, and then attacked it with a screwdriver for micro damage.

Finally, I taped the tip of the rocket, liquid masked, and misted with red.  Once it was dry, I peeled off the liquid mask, and attacked it with a screwdriver. A few hours later, I dipped a papertowel in brown enamel and rubbed in some dirt and grime...and the rocket was done!!!

Now it's really starting to look like Boba's pack!

All I have left to do is the back panel and the exhaust jets.  Then one more round of touch ups and a layer of clear coat.

In other news, I hear that my custom made boots have shipped.  And I should be getting the rest of my armor and the second helmet in the coming weeks.


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