Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Helmet: Back Finished!

After the base silver layer, I lightly sprayed some of my faux primer color (Rusto Anodized Bronze) instead of doing a solid layer of the faux primer.  In my movie refs, you can see that the back of the helmet has sort of a faded gray layer over the silver. I tried to imitate that as much as I could.  But as always, I first added a layer of liquid mask for the pure silver areas that would need to show through later:

After this, I sprayed a topcoat of Rusto Dark Hunter Green, and a mist of Valspar Peacock green, then misted with flat black.

Finally, I peeled off the liquid masked areas and added micro damage with a screwdriver and gravel from my walkway...and we have the final back panels:

To complete the back, I liquid masked and then misted the keyslot panel in the appropriate places with Rusto Anodized Bronze, and then attacked it with sandpaper and a screwdriver.

In the movie prop, behind the keyslots, is a glued-in replica of an old Casio circuit board.  I've ordered a couple from ebay. I'll worry about that during final assembly.

Next time: The mandibles and ears!

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