Thursday, August 25, 2011

Helmet: Mandibles, RF, and Visor

Ears are done! Over the silver layer, I selectively sprayed a little bit of Rusto beige and Rusto Anodized bronze to match the movie helmet.  Then I used sandpaper and a screwdriver to give them some wear:

You'll notice the super glue on the RF housing below -- I dropped the damn thing and it broke. Luckily no little pieces to worry about. 

I also finished the RF antenna assembly, except for the two little LED lights that go on the top of the RF. I'll have to search Radio Shack for those. Here's the RF before painting.

And the finished pieces.

Next up, the mandibles.  Starting with the silver layer masked off:

Sprayed with Rusto Anodized Bronze over liquid mask...

Anodized Bronze layer with liquid mask removed:
After this I added another layer of liquid mask, and then sprayed a base coat of flat black, then misted with Rusto Indigo and a heavy mist of Rusto Dark Hunter Green.  Then another mist of flat black.  So the end result is a very dark, almost black, teal color:

The last major area to paint on the helmet is the red visor area.  I taped that off, added a layer of liquid mask, a layer of Rusto Anodized Bronze, and let that dry.  I peeled off the liquid mask, added a new layer of liquid mask to the damaged areas, and sprayed the top coat of Rusto Cabernet, misted with Black. Here it is, still wet. It dried to a nice dark wine color.

After it dried, I peeled off the liquid masked area, and added micro damage with a screwdriver.

I have some touch ups to do, then I'll spray the whole helmet with Testor's Dullcoat. And once I have final assembly finished, I'll post the completed helmet!


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