Thursday, February 23, 2012

Odds & Ends

Still too cold to do any significant painting, so I'm working on odds and ends as time allows.  If you've been following along, you know that I'm doing a second helmet. (Empire Strikes Back version. I've already completed the Return of the Jedi version.) 

This model is called the GMH by FettPride.  It's as close to movie accurate as there is. It derives from a cast of an original Lucasfilm prop.  Anyway, I've glued the left ear on...

And glued and screwed (tee hee) the right ear pieces on.

The right ear houses the Range Finder, and there's a cap that fits over that top part.  Taking a cue from the RotJ helmet I finished, I decided to attach the ear cap with rare earth magnets.  I had to send away to Australia for those.  Compare the previous and next photos to see that I carved housings in the ear so the magnets would sit flush. Then I glued the magnets in place.

These little suckers are strong!  Snaps into place if they come within about an inch of each other.  Nice and tight.

Using my trusty Dremel tool, I also carved out the keyslots on the back.  Then spent an hour sanding sharp edges with a set of jewelers' files.

Finally, I used my RotJ lens to mark the inside of this helmet so I could epoxy some screws in place.  This is how the welder's lens is affixed to the inside. (With screws and vinyl washers.)

In other news, I bought a new flightsuit to go under all of this armor. The one I originally bought was junk. (Most of the Boba Fett stuff on eBay is junk. Be forewarned.)  Luckily, Man Of War came out with a new two-piece version.  Not movie accurate, but everything will be covered by armor, and it's WAY easier to get in and out of.  Not only that but it needs no modifications, and is incredibly comfortable, unlike the junk I bought off of eBay.  I will have to dye it a light gray, though. You'll also note below that I bought Man Of War's new jetpack harness.  Not movie accurate either, but no one's going to see it under the armor, and it'll be much less strain on my back than a version made of just straps.

Speaking of the jetpack, I finally assembled the shoulder connections.  I installed the hooks on the back...

Which will connect to the straps that pass through the back armor...

By a bizarre coincidence, the strap that came with my yoga mat was EXACTLY the right material, color and width for those shoulder straps!  So I appropriated it for the Boba costume.  I'll buy another yoga strap!  I made the loops with my trusty grommet press, and bought the rings at Home Depot.

That's all for now.  I've heard via email that my final shipment of missing armor pieces has set sail from Portugal.  More soon.


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