Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boba Fett's Empire Strikes Back Helmet, Part 4

The last major area of painting on the ESB helmet was the T-visor. So I taped up the helmet and added a layer of liquid mask using photo references:

Then I sprayed over the silver with Rusto Anodized Bronze. When that dried, I added another layer of liquid mask...

There's a purple layer under the red that shows through in spots, so I sprayed a layer of Rusto Purple. When that dried, yet another layer of liquid mask...

Finally, the top layer of Rusto Claret Wine, misted with black.  I removed the masking tape, and it looks great! We have a mostly finished helmet!

I've also been working on the "greeblies" (little plastic parts that need to be applied.) Here, you can see Boba's antenna, the cap to his left earpiece, and the circuit board that needs to be installed behind the keyslots in the back of the helmet...

All I have left to do is affix all the greeblies, add one more layer of grime to even everything out, apply the vinyl decals on the ears, and spray a top coat of Testor's Liquid Matte to the whole helmet.

My next update will be the project completion photos!


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