Thursday, May 19, 2011


Got the first piece of the costume in the mail today.  The "girth belt".  Turns out this has something to do with horseback riding, and I had to order mine from Dover Saddlery company.  All I have to do is dye it a rusty red color, and devise a way to buckle it in the back. Originally I found articles on dying it with fabric dye, but further research reveals that this rubs off on your armor!  Someone discovered that Red wood dye actually works better. So I'll be getting that soon.

I have also decided to NOT use the helmet I bought last year, and instead buy an unpainted model and do the painting myself with a labor intensive process of masking layer upon layer of different colors to simulate the "wear" on the "metal".

Are you afraid of the depth I'm willing to go to for this, yet?  I am.  But it will be SO worth it.


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  1. Hi Nate - looking forward to following your project. I just wanted to inform you (if you care) that a girth belt (also known as a cinch) is part of the saddle that goes under the broadest part of the horse's belly. Basically, this is what holds the saddle on the horse.