Thursday, May 26, 2011


Jumpsuit came in from Argentina today.  I bought a large, just in case they ran small. They don't. The large is too big, but luckily my wife and mother in law are sewing champs. Better that I have too much material, than too little, right? Once it's tailored, I'll start weathering it.

Meanwhile, I've set up a makeshift "spraybooth" in the garage and I've taped off and primed the gauntlets. 

The next layer will be a coat of silver. Then I'll be using liquid mask fluid to create the weathering as seen on the original props. I'll spray the dark red over the masking fluid, and those areas of red paint won't stick to the silver underneath. Peel off the masking fluid, and voila! Beaten up gauntlets.



  1. Jumpsuit came in from Argentina today.

    Impressive. Most impressive.