Monday, May 23, 2011

Ordering, ordering, ordering...

Just a quickie update.  The past week has been full of ordering parts and kits.

- I've ordered braided wookie scalps (that dangle off Boba's right shoulder) -- Probably a few weeks to get those in, as they're being hand made for me.

- In talks with the premier prop maker in the UK who specializes in Star Wars recreations. He's given me a quote for all the armor I'm missing except a new helmet. Will order that as soon as I hear back from him. (8-10 week wait for those! Argh!)

- Just sent money to a prop builder in the UK who specializes in firearms. He's going to make me a custom EE-3 blaster. This is the rifle Boba carries in Return of the Jedi, made from an old modified Webley flare gun. (4-6 week wait for that).

- My jetpack kit shipped today from from Man of War Studios (Who also made the gauntlets). Should have that in a week.

- Ordered materials for both of Boba's capes -- the brown/tan one from Empire, and the drab green one from Jedi, that's made from an old army pup tent. This way, depending on my mood, I can dress him in either... like a Barbie doll. Only bigger. And meaner.

- Bought a real, used, army surplus diver's belt on ebay. (for the waist strap for Boba's jetpack)

- Yesterday I dyed the girth belt, and it's hanging in my garage drying.

Sadly, it's been too humid here for me to do any paint tests, or to primer the gauntlets. :(

Made lots of trips to Lowe's and Home Depot. The people there think I'm out of my mind.  They asked what I was doing with all these weird parts, and I told them.

More photos soon -- once the weather changes and I can start painting.



  1. Ya just have to be careful if you where it at a con or the such because if you accidentally mix the two different costumes there are some fanatics out there that will totally freak out on you.

  2. Though, with an EE-3 blaster he could gun 'em all down. I know I would.

  3. Oooh...I know. I think my costume is going to be a mix. The things I like best about both versions. I'll just tell em that it's what Boba wore in between movies!

  4. I think this is one of the most interesting fan projects I've seen in a long time and I appreciate being able to "watch" from a distance. : )