Friday, March 30, 2012

Backplate & Jetpack Harness

To wrap up the backplate attachment and jetpack harness, I started by doing test fittings to see how long the straps would need to be.  They would have to go over the shoulder of the harness, through the flak vest, and through the backplate.  It took me two tries, but I finally figured it out.  When I got the length correct, I used grommets to make everything permanent and used pill-shaped D rings as my jetpack fasteners...

Here are the straps through the flak vest. Note the grommets added to the back of the vest to attach the backplate, just as I attached the armor on the chest.

Here is the mounted back plate with the straps showing:

With the backplate in place, I needed a way to attach the neckplate to it. I drilled holes in both and fashioned a bracket from a piece of aluminum flat bar, and screws that I cold-welded in place with JB Weld and a bit of super glue for insurance.

Boba has silver shoulder studs to cover those screws and keep everything secure.  A set of studs came with my armor. I spray painted them silver, and routed them out with my Dremel tool.  Note the double route so that I had a little "shelf" to support the nut, but some extra space behind it to thread the screw through.

I glued the nuts in place with super glue.

The studs were screwed on.  Note the cape is attached with one of these:

Here's a close up of the jetpack hooks slipped through the strap rings:

And the diver's belt from the jetpack secured around the front:

And we have a fully attached jetpack!

Almost done!  I have the gauntlet hoses and shoulder braids left!


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