Friday, March 16, 2012

Finally Coming Together!

The project is finally starting to really look like Boba!  Let's start with the knees.  I added velcro and epoxied some 1/2" #8 screws to the inside of the knee plates:

When the epoxy was dry, I dyed some 1" elastic straps to match the flight suit, and applied grommets:

My wife sewed velcro to the knees of the pants:

And we have finished knees!

I got my vest and neckseal from my mother-in-law, who made the pieces from scratch with no patterns.  She did a hell of a job!  I weathered them with the same method that I used for the flightsuit in the last update.  Here's the neck seal on my very dapper mannequin:

For the chest armor, I epoxied screws just like I did with the knees. When they dried, I added a little graphite dust to the tips of the screws and then pressed them into the vest while it was on the dummy.  I used the center-line of the vest (based on the distance between shoulder seems) as my guide.  The graphite powder left a mark for each screw, and then I added grommets:

Here are all the finished pieces on my dummy!  It's finally starting to look like Boba!

 More to come...


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