Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boots Finished!

I started out with these canvas boots from Man of War.  Great design, affordable...and comfy, too!  The problem: they were snow-white, and Boba's boots are the darkest part of his costume.

I found a lot of methods for painting and weathering these, online. Most people just use acrylic paint -- but I wanted the shoes to breathe as much as possible while being worn.  Paint would completely seal the boot's air flow. I didn't want smelly, sweaty boots if I ever decide to wear the costume.

My solution was to dye the boots with watered-down RIT Black.  Aiming for a charcoal gray base color.  Here's how they came out:

The center stripe down each boot is supposed to be almost black, and there is a lot of grime and shading. I had to resort to SOME acrylic paint.

 I watered down Liquitex Mars Black and dry-brushed it into the boots while they were still slightly damp.  After they dried, I added a small layer of brown grime with Testor's Rust, and added the aluminum toe-spikes. Finally, I scuffed them up with some sandpaper.

And we have finished boots!


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