Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shoulders Finished!

The first step on the shoulder armor was to add these #8-32 1/2" machine screws using epoxy:

Then, I added corresponding grommets to the flak vest:

Here's the silver layer (Rusto Aluminum) with the liquid mask applied per movie photos.

After that dried, I added the "primer" yellow layer, (Rusto Pale Yellow) and another layer of liquid mask.

Then the top coat of Rusto Line Painting Yellow misted with Rusto True Orange.  Once that was dry, I scratched it up with a screwdriver.  On the left shoulder, I applied the vinyl decal of the bantha skull, and then dirtied both shoulders with Testor's "Rubber" colored paint.  After a coating of Testor's Matte Clear Coat, we have finished shoulders!  These photos look a bit more yellow than the shoulders look in real life. (They're more orange than this...) Stupid phone camera!

Next up, the codpiece and butt plate!


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