Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lucasfilm! / Crack is Whack! / Jetpack

So the coolest thing that happened last week was that Lucasfilm's official Star Wars twitter account tweeted about this blog to about 110,000 people!  I couldn't believe it!  
@StarWars wrote: "Crafty fan @blambot blogs about building his Boba Fett costume! http://buildingboba.blogspot.com/ #StarWars #crafts #cosplay"
But it's not time to celebrate yet! There's work to be done!

The lens in my helmet turned out to be cracked, which means making a replacement from a welder's face shield. You can see the crack running through the attachment hole on the inside of the helmet here:

I covered the welder's shield in painting tape so as not to accidentally scratch it, and then traced the original on it with a Sharpie.

After that, I drilled the attachment holes and trimmed it out with a Dremel tool.

And tada!

New lens! No crack. Cuz crack is whack.

As far as the jetpack goes, I'm plugging along, slow but sure. Here is the blue on the main body all done. Scratches added!

After that, I taped it off to do the red...

I decided to peel some of the tape away and see how these colors are looking all together. I can already see that once all the base colors and primary damage is done, I'm going to go over the whole thing as a unit and spray/scratch all of it one more time. This way there will be continuity from a scratch on one color that might continue on to the next color.  Definitely going to have to darken up the "burnt" parts on the yellow as well.

Not bad, though! I'm happy so far. Next I'm going to paint the white bars (that are still silver above).

More soon!


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