Friday, June 3, 2011

Gauntlet and Jetpack Update

I went over the silver gauntlets with 0000 steel wool to take some of the shine off, and to give it a toothier surface for the next layer of paint to stick to. Next, I've applied the liquid mask to the gauntlets so that the next layer of paint won't stick to the silver and can be peeled off in "damaged" areas.  I'm calling this the "macro damage" -- the more overt weathering. In the end I'll be adding scratches and gouges, the "micro damage".

Next, I sprayed on a layer of red primer.  When it dries, I will peel off the liquid mask areas and the silver will show through.

After this I do one more round of liquid mask so that a little of the red primer shows through in the damage, and then it's on to the final top color, Rustoleum Claret Wine, which will get misted with black to show grime and scorching.

In the meantime, I'm painting up this piece on the left gauntlet with testors enamel. (it's got liquid mask on it as well so these heavy black areas will be largely peeled away as if the black has worn off.)

I've also sprayed the jetpack with primer.  Trying to decide to do a coat of silver on the whole thing, or deal with it section by section as all the different colored layers get added. Hmm.


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  1. Just so you know... this is all kinds of awesome. I envy the hell out of you right now.