Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting Gritty

Working on the white bars on the jetpack. Last time, I showed you the basecoat of silver.  After that, I did the usual application of Liquid Mask. Then I sprayed a layer of Rustoleum Almond, followed by accents with Rustoleum White and Rustoleum Anodized Bronze for some grit.

Then I removed the tape to make sure I was happy with how the white worked with the other colors so far...

I decided it was too almond, so I misted the center of the bars with more white.  Then I attacked the bars with a screwdriver for scratches and small areas of flecked off paint.
Next up, I retaped, then removed the liquid mask to show some "metal".  Now the fun part -- I decided to start adding grime. I mixed up two custom batches of Testor's model paints to simulate mud and grit, and began scrubbing them into the white areas with a paper towel for texture. Mostly a mix of flat gray, with drops of rust red, yellow, black and camo green.

You can really see the screwdriver scratches once the grit was worked in.

And the finished white bars look like this:

Then I moved on to grunging up the yellow areas the same way. You'll also notice some small smears of yellow and red, as if Boba bumped against something and the color scuffed over onto the jetpack. Just a subtle touch.

And with that, the center of the main body is done.  Trying to decide whether to do the top or the sides next.  Back will be last.


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