Monday, June 20, 2011

Jetpack Painting Begins

 Some updates over the last couple of days.

I decided to work on the most complicated area of the jetpack, first: The yellow areas on the main body of the unit.  These sections will take the most masking so I might as well get them out of the way.

I sorted through my rattle cans and came up with these colors to apply the yellow areas of the jetpack.

Rustoleum Line Painting Yellow is the base coat.  Everything else is for toning.  Some Valspar colors mixed in there as well. The plan is to add these as fine mists to gritty areas.

The first task was to tape off all the lower, non-yellow areas.

Once that was done, it was time to apply the new Windsor Newton Liquid Mask fluid to the areas that will be "chipped".  I did a test with it the other day and it works WAY better than that other crap I used for the gauntlets.

I decided to also use cut up garbage bags as extra protection to any areas that I didn't want accidentally misted.  A little insurance policy. I propped the jetpack up on a bucket so that I had better access to the bottom edges, and laid down two base coats of the line painting yellow.

Once it was dry, it was time to bust out the art skills. Slowly, over the course of two hours, I laid down very fine mists of 1) Orange, 2) Dk Gray, 3) Bronze, 4) Light yellow, 5) more Line Painting yellow, 6) Black.  And ended up with this:

The texture came out amazing.  The pictures don't quite do it justice, but here are some close ups:

Once this dries for a couple of days, I'll remove the masking fluid and reveal all the "chips". Then I do micro damage with screwdriver scratches, etc. Then on to the next area! One at a time...this is gonna take a while!

On other fronts, I misted my cape with black to grunge it up. Another piece 100% done.

And I got the lenses in the mail for the two helmets I'll be making. These are actually welding shields that I'll trim out with my Dremel tool.

More soon!


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