Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gauntlets and Belt Finished

I haven't really been able to paint anything all week. Stupid New England humidity. But the good news is that I finished my gauntlets!

And I finished scuffing up my leather belt, as well as adding the grommets.  I bought some rawhide leather lacing to cinch them together.

In other news, my belt pouches came in.  Going to have to dirty them up a bit.

And I bought decals for my jetpack, shoulder bells and helmets (I'm doing both a Return of the Jedi for my armor, and a Empire Strikes Back just for fun (SE?) I bought decals from a bunch of different folks so I can pick my favorites. Probably sell the unused ones.

And most exciting news: I scored an UN-PAINTED Terminal Fettler helmet on eBay! TF #23! (Terminal Fettler is one of the top 3 prop makers for Fett armor, and he no longer makes helmets.) I made sure I confirmed it with Terminal Fettler himself first. He confirmed it was indeed one of his.  Can't wait to get it! I'm going to have a TF and a GMH!



  1. Can't wait to see the photos of the finished costume! :)

  2. Hey your idea is amazing and i really like the way you are making your own costume, please upload the final pics as soon as possible.
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