Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jetpack Progress / Helmet No. 1 Arrives

Monday and Tuesday this week were perfect for painting, so I did as much as I could on the blue areas of the main part of the jetpack. The rest of the week will be too humid and rainy to paint. :(

Picked out my color palette. The main color is Rustoleum Indigo.

Most of the taping I did for the yellow could stay on for the blue, so I took some tape off, and put some on. There are about three layers of tape on this now! 

First up, I added some liquid mask:

Then hit it with Rustoleum Aluminum:

Then peeled off the liquid mask and put a new layer of liquid mask and sprayed it blue.

Once the weather dries out, I'll do one more base coat of blue, then add all the grungy tones.

Meanwhile, the first of my two helmets came in!  Designed by Terminal Fettler in the UK, I managed to win an eBay auction for "#23".  To my knowledge, he no longer makes these, so I emailed him to make sure this was authentic.  He confirmed that it was.

Unfortunately, the lense that came with it is cracked, so I'm going to have to make a replacement from a welding shield, using the original as a template.

I've decided not to paint this helmet until my other one comes in (A "GMH" model by FettPride) -- so that I can decide which one fits best, and which one will be painted as Return of the Jedi and which will be Empire Strikes Back.

That's all for now!  Stupid weather!


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